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    Microwave Motion Sensor for 100-277 vAC TR33 Shoeboxes

    SKU 57-67024-A

    Compatible with
    100-277 vAC TR33 Shoeboxes

    Brand Builders Pack
    SKU 57-67024-A
    Power Supply 100/277 vAC
    Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Load @ -40°F-+158°F Resistive/Halogen – 800W/1200W@120/277V
    Fluorescent Ballast – 600W/1200W@ 120/277V
    Electronic Ballast (LED/CFL)- 5A/5A@120/277V
    HF System 5.8 GHz CW
    Dim Control Output
    0-10V, max. 25mA sinking current
    Detection Radius/Angle Max 30ft (8meters)/360°
    Mounting Height Max 50ft (15meters)
    Time Setting 10sec – 60min (adjustable)
    Light-control 10-2000Lux (adjustable)
    Humidity Max 95% RH
    Temperature -40°F – +158°F


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